Spice Story

Heralding the change in travel in the country, SpiceJet flew its first Red.Hot.Spicy flight as early as May 2005. Fuelling the aspirations of the burgeoning Indian traveller we succeeded in our endeavour to fulfil everyone’s dream of flying.

Inviting some incredible attention along the most interesting journeys with our trusting and loyal customers we accepted our share of the nods of approval as we navigated realms of yonder. The inherent strengths of vision and beliefs propelled this dream through turbulence and good times alike. Our customers helped us become India’s most preferred low cost airline.

And now as we encourage the young and the young at heart to enter the mesmerizing world of affordable luxury with our expansive retail venture, Spice Style.

High on technology, finesse of workmanship, in sync with the most fashionable global trends, our resplendent bouquet of brands energises your lifestyle needs in myriad ways. A line of exquisitely designed , Vajero, is the perfect companion for the traveller as well as the backpacker. Lesk is a line of cosmetics and jewellery that celebrates the luminosity of the today’s woman. With Forst & Caprio, we bring you latest fashion accessories to add swanky details to your wardrobe. Our tech brands, Spice Positech and Spice 4Sound are designed to accord with on-the-move lifestyle, while Spice Modello and Inscripto our line of vintage memorablia and luxurious stationery celebrates nostalgia and creativity and innovation alike. We’ve got a little something, for the little ones with Spice Innocente. And for the last, but definitely not the least, we teamed up with ace fashion designer Rohit Bal for an exclusive line of accessories and bags.