Spice Positech Auto ID 6 USB Port Desktop Charger

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Charge all your handy, portable devices together and up to 75% faster with the Spice Positech White 5.4 A 6 USB Auto-ID 6-Port Desktop Charger. It has a 1.5 M power cord, an energy saving power switch. Struggling to find that one charging port for your individual needs now becomes a thing of the past.

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

By vidushi Apr 26, 2017

Solid, Dependable, Reliable, Well-Priced Product,It charges even difficult items like my Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet, that only charges using the supplied Samsung brick...until now. I’ve been quite impressed with the power output of the unit. As advertised, it charges everything from my Tone Infiniti headphones to my Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet to my iPad 4 quickly and safely.

Published 3 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By abhi Apr 26, 2017

Does exactly as advertised - charges everything!,I rarely write reviews, but I have to write this one. This 5.4 A Auto-ID 6-Port Desktop Charger is truly a superior product. My electronics charge faster than ever before. The cables are not flimsy and they fit very snug into the device ports. The charger has the power to spare and will handle up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Published 4 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By Vishal tirpathi Apr 18, 2017

One of my favorite pieces of tech that I own.,This is great Charger. I use it to charge all my devices at once in one place. It is very convenient to be able to plug the cables from all my devices into this one PowerPort and not have to plug each device into a separate electrical outlet. I just recently traveled to Dubai with 2 kids: 2 iPads, 2 phones, 2 GoPros (with remotes), 2 fitbits, an Ecig. This thing handled it like a champ and never even flinched. Prior to this trip, It’s survived several months of kids and I pulling and plugging. Very impressed with Spicestyle.com quality Products.

Published 11 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer