Spice Positech 3 Port Travel Adapter

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Our trademark advanced technology and high-grade quality brings you a must buy Spice Positech White 3.4 A 3 port travel charger. It comes equipped with an in-built high-voltage & short circuit protection, so you charge all your mobile devices with ease while you’re on the go.

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By hitesh Apr 25, 2017

A must have charger for everyone - Value for money,This is a powerful charger with high output current. It delivers quick charging since it has 3.4A current as O/P and due to three USB ports, you can charge up to 3 devices in one go.

Published 21 hours ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By parul Apr 23, 2017

Very helpful when travelling with multiple devices, The product is solid. It does not overheat even when powering three devices. I charge a Samsung S5, Nexus 10 tab and an iPhone simultaneously overnight and it has been charging all of them without any glitches.

Published 3 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By lokesh Apr 18, 2017

Value for money.,Best charger very fast charging my Samsung galaxy grand two only in 30 minuts and 17000 MAH external charger. In 1 hour 45 minuts. Value for money.

Published 8 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer