Spice Positech 6 USB Port Extension Board

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A nifty yet strong three plug, six USB port charger from Spice Positech to keep all your gadgets charged and protected. The device is high flame retardent and has an in-built overload protection which makes it safe for use.

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

By jyoti Apr 20, 2017

Go for it.,Seems to be well made and a good quality product which meets specifications. The quality of this extension box is good and it’s USB slots are a great add on. I recommend to anyone who needs multiple plugs points and USB ports.

Published 6 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By vijay Apr 16, 2017

Usb ports are awesome,Great value for money, the 6 USB ports are super useful. Power socket are well build and usb ports can quick charge your phone.so it can charge ur fast charge enabled phone very fast.

Published 10 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By himank Apr 15, 2017

Meant for all kind of plugs,I found the electrical ports enough for my tv and computer. The USB ports are ok and serve the purpose.The sockets are very tight and snug fit, once plug is inserted its held so tightly that even if you shake the board lightly the connections stay connected.

Published 11 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer