Spice Modello Big Boeing 737-800 Series SpiceJet Aircraft Collectible

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“Higher than the sky
Deeper than the sea
Unfurling the wings
Unbinding hellfire rings”
The redder ,hotter ,spicier lilliputian is just the right thing for you ,because you were born to fly keeping all your limits aside.

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By Swapan Mitra Jan 21, 2018

Aesthetic beauty,No doubt it is very good but with landing gears the model would have become awesome.Also, look forward to come across such models of Bombardier and ATR...want to collect as a showpiece.Expect improvement on detailing turbofan Engine showing blades...no one will mind to pay for those extra features

Published 23 hours ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By Mukesh garg Oct 23, 2017

Very good item,Top class top class. Top class

Published 1 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By Sandesh Kanchan Oct 06, 2017

Great Collectors model,This is a superbly detailed model for Spicejet’s B737-800 VT-SPF, named "Coriander". Packing was such that there is no chance of damage. The model is fully metal with a sturdy display stand and doesn’t have a landing gear. The paint work is great and attention to detail in terms of font type and size, is spot on. The photos don’t do justice to the model’s good looks.

Published 13 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer