Rohit Bal Double Bridge Sunglasses for Men

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Immerse yourself in the luxury of an unparalleled custom experience through these Rohit Bal sunglasses, that easily become your iconic style statement. Equally sophisticated packaging encases these signature design sunglasses as they arrive at your threshold in record time. Elite features like Titanium nose pads, TAC Polarised lens and wooden frames embody your luxurious sensibility.

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By Zaig Dsouza May 26, 2017

Great features and they fit comfortably,Starting right from unboxing the great packaging containing the sunglasses packed inside along with a really nice soft fabric. I’ll be keeping it in my car to keep my glasses from getting scratched and lost. Cleaning cloth and information is provided to seek more on customer service (in case you need it) and asking for your feedback. Eye-catching, nice, clear card with logo, instead of a slip of paper that I’d honestly have tossed in the trash. I am more inclined to leave them feedback. Can u think why? Cuz they took some extra time to ask and that means something to me, really. The Product Itself: good & nice wrapped package arrived having my type of sunglasses just don’t fit well but comfortably on my face. Truly amazed with great fit and all in perfect design. Firstly it is not hard at all that fits comfortably instead of pressing my head. Secondly, the nose pads are really comfy. It not alike molded hard but are much like calmly soft and actually fits prettily on the nose. Imagine then what happens when you sweat? They stay on put! Great design and also very much comfortable. Last but not least, the bridge of the sunglasses fits so well, it keeps the sun out as similar to as having on a hat. No harsh sun rays go through the top of glasses. My several family members have tried these and they agreed mutually with the same comfort. Simply that’s Cool...

Published 29 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By ranjeet May 18, 2017

Rohit Bal sunglasses at this price..good steal, They are very well made. Hopefully, will last me thru years of daily use. The first thing I notice is how lightweight they are then how awesome the color combination is: black frame with grey lenses. Those lenses are so nice to look thru. I don’t squint my eyes anymore because they cover all UV spectrums. And of course, it came with an amazing looking case as well. I highly recommend them.

Published 7 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer