Forst Waterproof Analogue Watch for Men

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Made out of silicon, this vibrant analogue watch is eye-catching and water resistant. Create a statement with this latest trend of brightly coloured watches.

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

By Mahammad Mohasin Dec 17, 2017

Wonderful,Very nice

Published 9 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By Kundan Sachan Jun 14, 2017

Very nice n worthy watch. Superb Silicon Strap Finish Quality,I love the amazing features of this watch, which are........... very soft and neat silicon straps watch, so nice looking circular case and more. The dial of the watch is studded with blue, fixed bezel and the stainless steel on the back of the watch gives a smooth touch to the skin, this is awesome. You don’t have to fiddle it around to fix time as it comes with one screw to reset time, cool. I find the tang clasp closure of this watch is a really cool mechanism. Nice packing done by Spicestyle has made my day as I first opened the watch. And, the icing on the cake is the super cool Forst case to store the watch. Happy with the on-time delivery. :)

Published 10 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By Srikant Sripula Jun 08, 2017

Great Looking Watch. LOVELY TOUCH FEEL OF ITS STRAPS,This is a very nice looking watch. I bought it for myself and now I love it more. It looks sporty and really solid, all in a good way. There are numerous notches to fit as per my wrist size. One thing I want to mention that previously I had a hard time in setting watches that have more than one buttons, but this sporty one was actually very easy to figure out its mechanism in no time.

Published 16 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer
By Alok Rajola Apr 21, 2017

ossome ossome ossome product ,best in market waterproof also

Published 4 days ago by SpiceStyle Customer