Believe it or not, here at SpiceStyle, we reckon that 2016 was a pretty solid year. Why do you ask? In the midst of all the gloom and negativity, the year gave birth to the most hassle-free and convenient products that were aimed at making your life simpler and smoother.

Keeping our patrons abreast with the latest trends in the world of glitz and Gizmo is our constant endeavour. We list out our favourite trending products that we think you should try out this season.


Imagine this- you’re about to jog on your usual route. You plug your earphones into your music player and your ear, and off you go. The music keeps you going, farther and faster. But after about five or ten-odd minutes of sweating it out, your earphones slip out, which forces you to halt abruptly. Your body sweat has slipped the earplug out of your ear, rather easily much to your disappointment. Who wouldn’t want a fix for this? Or for that matter, even listen to their favourite music while taking a swim? That’s why we have waterproof headphones. Their ear buds fit perfectly in your ear while you’re inside water or out. So wear them, while you take a dip, run or jog.


The easiest way to stay hydrated at all times is to carry one’s bottle of fluids. But how many times have you skipped carrying a bottle of water just because it didn’t fit in your bag? A flat sipper bottle is here to solve this very problem. It’s flat, flask-like shape fits virtually in any bag you carry while storing a considerable amount of water in it. Its unique shape slips into slimmest corners of your bag. Just in case, you still lack space in your bag it doesn’t it comes with a handy loop that can be hooked to the handle of your carry bag. Have a go at this one to keep slurping throughout the day.


Let those YouTube makeup tutorials not fool you – applying makeup is not easy as it looks. Of course, if you’re a makeup geek, you’d know. But how about we tell you, that getting a professional makeup finish is just a step away? These oval makeup brushes come in different sizes so that you can apply different makeup products with professional artistry. Its dense, tapered fibres are synthetic and gentle to the skin. They ensure minimal product wastage and give even, velvet like coverage. If you struggle with blending makeup on your face or are tired replacing your makeup sponge every few months, give this one a go! They make makeup application just as easy as it looks on the internet. Trust!


One of the most common new year resolutions is to lose weight and have a healthier body. If you’re among the majority, here’s little reason to rejoice. Infusing regular drinking water with fruits, mint or replacing it with green tea is one the ways to aide your weight loss process. This strainer bottle/sipper is meant for people who love having infused water throughout the day. It comes with a separate compartment to store all your favourite fruits or leaves. This compartment can be placed right between the hollow of the sipper and its mouth. It will give you freshly infused water every sip without making your fruits soggy.